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From Armin Waibel <>
Subject Define TOC per page, generating TOC for the whole documentation [user-list forward]
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 17:40:38 GMT
Hi Ross,

much thanks for offer your help. Yes it's a production site
thus we can't use the dev stuff in trunk.

I must admit that I never used Cocoon.
You can find all Forrest sources in CVS OJB_1_0_RELEASE branch:

Now my question is what does "relatively easy to implement" stand for?


Ross Gardler wrote:
 > Armin Waibel wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> we using Forrest (great tool) version 0.7 and in skinconf.xml the TOC
 >> setting is
 >> <toc max-depth="4" min-sections="1" location="page"/>
 >> thus each document (all forrest .xml doc files + all automatically
 >> rendered .html files) will contain a TOC.
 >> 1. Is it possible to suppress TOC generation for single document files?
 >> E.g.
 >> <toc max-depth="4" min-sections="1" location="page">
 >>   <include name="**/*" />
 >>   <exclude name="index.html"/>
 >>   <exclude name="news.html"/>
 >> </toc>
 > Not in 0.7 out-of-the box. However, it would be relatively easy to
 > implment and we would be happy to help (via the dev list).
 > It is also worth noting that we are working on a new skinning system
 > (currently moving from a prototype to a first implementation) that
 > enables this kind of granularity in page make-up. However, it is pure
 > dev stuff in trunk. If this is a production site and you don't want to
 > play with moving tartgets then adding this to the existing skins would
 > be a better approach for now.
 >> 2. Is it possible to induce Forrest to generate an index of content
 >> for the whole web-site? I can't find such a topic in Forrest
 >> documentation. For bulky documentation it would be useful to provide
 >> such an IOC.
 >> E.g.
 >> <ioc max-depth="2" min-sections="1" target="guides/index.html">
 >>   <include name="guides/*" />
 >>   <exclude name="summary.html"/>
 >> </ioc>
 > Again, not out of the box, but relatively easy to add if you have the
 > inclination.
 > See you on the dev list ;-)
 > Ross

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