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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: docbook documentation splittet in several chunk
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 03:12:44 GMT
Fabian Müller wrote:
> Ross Gardler <> wrote:
>>If you are willing to work at it we could advise on how to get a
>>chunking plugin together.
> I am willing to do what I am able to do and that is not much as you
> have realized ... 
>>Have you tride using the simplified-docbook plugin for it?
> I had not tried the simplified-docbook plugin before I read your
> message. Now I looked at it and realized once again that Forrest is
> great software but often difficult to use for me and the documentation
> is difficult to understand for me.

Whilst I would never claim that our docs cannot be improved, in your 
case I think a little time understanding the basics of Forrest and XML 
will help. For example:

> I downloaded

This is not the correct way to use a Forrest plugin, see


> This time the "validate-xdocs" part
> showed a lot of error messages. Here are only a few of them:

That will be because Forrest validates your document against the DTD you 
specify. You document is not valid against the DTD specified in the XML 
you supplied which was:

<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD Simplified DocBook XML V1.0//EN"

Forrest is an XML publishing engine and therefore reqires that the 
sources are valid XML. It is possible to turn off the validation (see 
forrest.propeties), but it would be better to make you source valid XML. 
It may just requrie that you use the correct DTD (it looks like Docbook 


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