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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: docbook documentation splittet in several chunk
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 21:25:00 GMT
Fabian Müller wrote:
> Ross Gardler <> writes:
>>>>But what is the *source* returned. This is only what your browser
>>>>tries to o when rendering.
>>>The source contains one line:
>>><?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
>>>There is nothing more.
>>No wonder it doesn't work then. You need a stylesheet that actually
>>outputs something for Forrest to work with. As Kevin pointed out this
>>stylesheet creates multiple files, they are, most likely written to


> But would it help, if the stylesheet would not write files to the disk
> but outputs the data for further processing by Forrest?

Yes, because then Forrest has something to process.

> Then it would be Forrest's task to save the several files and I guess
> that it would be Forrest's task to choose a name for each of the files
> as well.

No. It would not save the files. It generates them on demand. 
(internally there is a cache which does get written to disk but that is 
not a premanent store).

> As I wrote my initial post I thought that there must be a simple
> solution for this question like "write this and this and it works"
> because I thought that it is a frequently used and requested
> feature. But know I guess that my assumption was wrong. What do you
> think? Isn't that what I want to do a quite basic wish for a lot of
> users?

No it is not a common use case, but you are right in that I am sure 
there are other users with this same need.

Chunking has been used before within Forrest. For example, see my old 
lecture slides (this was done with Forrest 0.5 many years ago):

Single page:

Slides (i.e. chunked, note the next button in the top left):

Another example of chunking can be seen in the photo gallery plugin.

If you are willing to work at it we could advise on how to get a 
chunking plugin together. The biggest hurdle is deciding how to chunk 
the documents, i.e. at what point they should be split. However, this 
would have to be done with our internal XDoc format otherwise it will be 
of no use to other Forrest users. So our first problem is getting your 
Docbook source into XDoc.

Have you tride using the simplified-docbook plugin for it?


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