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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Move IMSManifest plugin to whiteboard
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 14:13:01 GMT
I created the IMS Manifest plugin to solve a few problems that, at the 
time, Forrest could not address:

a) integrate content from multiple repositories
b) manage site structure with an IMS Manifest file
c) enable Forrest to render standards defined learning objects
d) Create an example of an internal plugin

The method contained within it for (a) is no longer appropriate as we 
have the locationmap now, which does a much better job.

b) is still relevant, but I am not aware of anyone actively developing 
this. We still use it in the Burrokeet project, but that project is 
pretty stale right now.

c) is also still relevant, but again, is anyone other than Burrokeet 
using it?

d) is no longer relevant

The upshot of this is that although the plugin is still usefully, there 
is no active support for it right now.

I propose to remove the code for a) and move the plugin to whiteboard. 
The reason for moving to whiteboard is that the plugin needs some major 
enhancements now we have the locationmap but I am not sure who will be 
around to make them.

Any objections to it going in whiteboard? (lazy consensus is in operation)


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