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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Access is Denied errror - reposting
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 22:20:04 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> wrote:
> >I'm still receiving "(Access is Denied)" errors with the latest version of 
> >Forrest Head when it refers back to something in FORREST_HOME (e.g., 
> >\forrest\main\webapp\.).  I can recreate the problem by uncommenting the 
> >wholesite.pdf in Forrest Seed and running it either dynamically or 
> >statically.  Either way, things work well until the error occurs.  
> >Additionally, in my real site, I also encounter the error when using my 
> >custom skin or on all references that are resolved using a locationmap.  I 
> >am running WinXP Pro with all of the latest critical updates as a member 
> >of the Administrators group using Java SDK/JRE 1.5.0_05.
> >
> >Can anyone reproduce this problem, or is it something funky with my 
> >configuration?
> I've not tired to reproduce the problem, but I am pretty sure it is not 
> your configuration, I think it is a locationmap interaction with the 
> wholesite.pdf generation. And needs some investigation.

Maybe. However please remember that the "wholesite"
production is commented-out for good reasons. It has
many issues associated with it, so i am not surprised
that it causes problems.

> >I sent the log files to back on 11/8; I'm not sure 
> >if you ever received them.  Refer to: 
> > 
> I did, but I'm afraid I have had no time to look at them yet. When I do 
> I will post the relevant parts to the list.

This highlights one of the reasons why we don't want
people contacting committers offline. You would do
better to open a Jira issue, describe your problem
and attach the log files. In that way, any developer
or committer can try to help.


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