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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest Friday for November (was Re: LaTeX output plugin)
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 04:24:28 GMT
11 November starting at 06:00 Greenwich Mean Time.
See the calendar for your time zone.

We will use conventional IRC. The main communication
medium is still the dev mailing list.

The channel name is "for-n".

The topic is to finish locationmap, clean up Jira,
prioritise issues for next release, more xhtml2 dev.
See below.

So the start time is 2 hours away.


Ross Gardler wrote:
> Gav.... wrote:
> >From: "Ross Gardler"
> >| Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> >| >
> >| > Does it make sense to base all transformations on XHTML2 (out soon to
> >| > be meta-format) rather than document13?
> >|
> >| I would love to say yes, but then the danger is not actually getting the
> >| move to XHTML2 done. We keep agreeing it should be done (for around 2
> >| years now), but we seem to be failing in actually tackling the job
> >| because it is such a major task.
> >|
> >| At present I am thinking the only way it will ever happen is if we have
> >| a complete rewrite of Forrest from the bottom up.
> >|
> >| Personally, I think the only way it is ever going to happen, with the
> >| current method of working, is if an individual just does it. How long it
> >| will be before one of us has that kind of time is anyones guess.
> >|
> >| Therefore, I (that is, me as an individual, this is not necessarily the
> >| view of the community) would recommend using XDoc for fear of waiting
> >| forever to make XHTML2 usable.
> >
> >Well, maybe this can be part of the discussion for Forrest Friday which 
> >happens
> >to be THIS FRIDAY people, so whos going to make it for any amount of time
> >and what should the topic of the day be.
> >
> >My opinion, keep on with 
> >issues and
> >keep XHTML2 as the main focus along with the usual Jira cleanup.
> >
> >I will be there at various points in time.
> Thanks for bringing this up, sorry I've not been able to respond quicker 
> and help develop a plan for FF.
> I will present for some of the time. My own focus will be on finishing 
> off the locationmap stuff (FOR-200) which is a precursor to the views 
> integration which, in turn is a precursor to the XHTML2 move.
> I'll also be spending some time sorting out the issue tracker to 
> prioritise for a 0.8 release - maybe I'll even fix a couple of issues!
> It would be great if we can see the tasks in FOR-184 (XHTML2) fleshed 
> out by those who understand how the views 2 stuff impacts them.
> Ross

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