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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Slidy-Plugin - where to put grammar files
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 22:44:05 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> I need to install a new grammar for the plugin source files, but I'm
> unclear where it should go. Also, it has to be relax-ng
> (preferred) or schema to support all the features, is that a problem?

Well RNG is what we would all prefer isn't it.

Without seeing the rest of it, i will make a guess
at what we need.

We have established ways for source documents to declare
DTDs and we can detect and handle such documents and
associated resources. The DTDs can be either in the core,
or in plugins, or supplied by each project.

There are other methods using the Content Aware Pipelines
SourceTypeAction [1]. Rather than depending on the case of
which DOCTYPE, we use the document element and namespace,
or other methods.

With DTDs, the actual DTDs are required to be be present
for the actual parsing of the source. With RELAX NG, the
grammars are separate.

We can have validating components in our sitemap pipelines
if we so choose, or have them as separate pipelines. [2]

So where to store the grammars.

We have core grammars at

For plugins we have resources/schema/
Add more structure if needed.

If you use validation transformers in the sitemaps
then refer to these resources via the plugin's

Would that be sufficient?

Later we might find ways to obtain remote grammars
so that we don't need to redistribute. Not yet.

Keen to see this plugin, and the use of RELAX NG.
Please commit it so that we can all help.
Don't try to get it all perfect beforehand. :-)



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