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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: vague issues with Forrest use
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 04:11:20 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >
> >I don't quite know the history of Incubator, but i presume
> >that people got excited about eating Apache dogfood and
> >decided to go with Forrest. Perhaps the original proponents
> >moved on. Now it seems that people are not happy with it,
> >finding it cumbersome. I have heard some people say
> >that they can't actually point to any particular thing.
> >Mostly it is just silence and lack of use.
> Well, I am moving towards Forrest being able to generate/host multiple 
> related sites. I'm thinking that Incubator is the place to work on this.
> Wouyld you think this is a good idea.

No. That is not their problem. The top-level
Apache Incubator website is totally separate from
each incubating project. The projects each have their
own SVN and website generation procedures. Some of them
use forrest, some use maven.

> >I don't know what to do about this. At the least
> >i thought to send this mail because the Forrest PMC
> >should be aware that there is something happening that
> >could be damaging for our project. People are gumbling.
> We need to encourage them to grumble on ur users lists not on unrelated 
> lists. I was not aware, until comments were made on other lists, of any 
> problems within Incubator (interestingly there were positive commets 
> from the XML people).

That doesn't seem to happen. Many of the grumbles
do happen on other lists.

> >We need to look at ways of making it more user-friendly.
> >It is obviously not easy or the
> >issues would not arise.
> I am going to join the incubator list next week and try and work out 
> what is happening.

I started:
"simplifying the generation of Incubator website"

One major issue has already been identified. I will start
a separate thread here on forrest-dev for that.


> >Perhaps the problem is documentation for how to install
> >and use forrest. These projects have a smattering
> >of their own documentation for how to use it, but often
> >it is poor and way out-of-date. Perhaps we need to
> >write a document focussed on use of Forrest at Apache.
> +1
> >Perhaps we need to actively go out and ask those
> >Apache projects that use Forrest, what they see as
> >the hindrance. It seems to me that people must be
> >grumbling but not actually saying that they have issues
> >or perhaps not being able to define the issues.
> +100
> Ross

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