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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: speeding up the static build (Was: Roadmap for v2)
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 03:57:55 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Gav.... wrote:
> | David Crossley wrote:
> |
> || Sure, we know that there are ways to speed the site
> || build process. Cocoon CLI checksums. There is probably
> || a Jira issue registered for that.
> |
> | Nothing recent that I can see,

I found it. Not in Jira, but an old discussion in the
mail archives. It was a broader topic, checksums was
just part of it.
 Re: Reducing Forrest build time

> | I will uncomment out the line
> | that reads <checksums-uri>build/work/checksums</checksums-uri>
> | in the cli.xconf (site-author ?) , I guess I don't need to do anything 
> else
> | ?
> Nothing else needs doing, this works fine.
> I did a 'forrest site' to an unchanged site and it took 3:55
> I then enabled the checksums and did 'forrest site' again
> it took over 4 minutes - during this time I guess the checksums
> are at work.
> I then did a 'forrest site' again and it took 2:50 and correctly
> skipped all files.

Thanks for getting this clarified Gav.
Yes, similar numbers for me, very impressive.
That is a 20% speedup.

I also tested that it worked on retrieving dynamic content,
e.g. in forrest/site-author we have the forrest-issues.html
which gets the top priority issues from Jira. It worked fine.

> This should be enabled by default for a 'forrest site' I'd have thought ?

The trouble is that it writes the checksums file
relative to the Cocoon context, i.e. $FORREST_HOME/main/webapp
So that will break it for multi-user installations
because all projects would try to write to the same file.

So probably an FAQ for now.

> Anyway, will play with Forrestbot and see if it takes advantage of this.

That would be good to know too.


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