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From Kevin <>
Subject Re: dynamic theme switcher (was: svn commit: r329808)
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 14:43:06 GMT
Sorry Thorsten I got side tracked by prototype.js :)

I'm looking at using branding-theme-switcher.ft to switch <link> css
only. A corner image solution until corner image in <style> css are

On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 01:45 +0100, Thorsten Scherler wrote: 
> El mar, 01-11-2005 a las 18:32 +0000, Kevin escribió:
> > If two style sheets are needed to define the complete layout I
> > think they both need to be rel="alternate stylesheet" and have the
> > same title. If the idea is to have a common css "pelt.basic.css".
> > This is made persistant with rel="stylesheet" and no title 
> How would the switch to the default.css (future common.css) work?

My thoughts are:

branding-theme-switcher-profiler="false" needed a patch attached

If branding-theme-switcher-defaultTheme="Pelt"
In view file have (<forrest:css ...) entries like below:

(persistent | common - Is disabled=true allowed here?)

  rel="stylesheet" theme="Pelt"
(preferred | default - Is disabled=true allowed here?)

  rel="alternate stylesheet" theme="Pelt-Default"
(switchable back to default)

  rel="alternate stylesheet" theme="Pelt-Forrest"

  rel="alternate stylesheet" theme="Pelt-Collabnet"

  rel="alternate stylesheet" theme="default"
  rel="alternate stylesheet" theme="default"
(one switchable as both have same title)

IMO default.css and leather-dev.css could be combined together as
leather.screen.css (leather-dev.css turns off - "display: none;"
Pelt specific layout/structure). Is it default.css or common.css or
just another switchable?

  rel="alternate stylesheet" theme="Leather-Default"

  rel="alternate stylesheet" theme="Leather-Hot"


If branding-theme-switcher-defaultTheme="default"?
Hmmm I'll look closer at the script to understand this if
idea above is correct.

I understand if branding-theme-switcher-profiler="true"
<style> css with the same title as <link> css will have
disabled set false IMO only when rel="alternate stylesheet"
and disabled set true for other rel="alternate stylesheet".

Is disabled=true allowed here? Was a comment next to
persistent and preferred css above. Would all browsers
allow it? The script works great just trying to understand.


> You did unset all rel="alternate stylesheet" via requesting a "" title
> but not the rel="stylesheet". Would that not interfere with e.g.
> default.css? 
> > and then
> > a <style rel="alternate stylesheet" title="Pelt-Collabnet" ...>
> > choice would be aggregated. 
> see above. If it is possible to have default.css working with
> rel="stylesheet" approach I will happily apply it. ;-)

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