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From "Gav...." <>
Subject V2 observations
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2005 22:52:35 GMT
Hi All,

A couple of observations, these may be bugs or may be me so I'll check here 

1. When I did a seed-v2 and then forrest run , creating an index.fv and then 
altering it made
no difference after refreshing the browser. When creating a forrrest site, 
this did make
a difference.

2. After removing index.fv from xdocs directory, rebuilding and reuploading, 
still shows as though index.fv were still there ( ) , no menus

3. index.fv provided with /samples/ has this for the footer feedback 
contract :-

<forrest:contract name="siteinfo-feedback">
          <forrest:properties contract="siteinfo-feedback">
            <forrest:property name="siteinfo-feedback">
              <feedback to=""
                href=";" >
                Send feedback about the website to:

The code this produces is :-

<div id="siteinfo-feedback">
                Send feedback about the website to:
              <a id="feedbackto" 
href=" samples/index.html"><a 
href="">webmaster at</a></a></div>

which is incorrect nesting of the <a> element and also multiple declarations 
of the href and mailto when there is no need. Should this not read

<div id="siteinfo-feedback">
                Send feedback about the website to:
              <a id="feedbackto" 

Where is the extra.. <a href="">webmaster at</a> ..coming from ??

4. Default sizing seems to be 10px which looks rather small , menu items and 
'search the site with google' etc are at either 80, 85, or 90 percent of 
that and so are unreadable. This is of course a minor issue in the grand 
scheme of getting v2 working but one would of thought the site produced 
should look similar to the live site.

5. In the inline CSS of the /samples/index.html page there is produced a 
wierd and non-compliant use of code when ever the  background-image url is 
For instance multiple times there are instances of :-

#header .round-top-left-small {
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: top left;

This occurs on every instance of when an image is referenced using the 
background-image: url .
The extra :-


is neither required nor compliant.

Thats about it for now.


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