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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: Focus for Forrest Friday
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 12:19:17 GMT
On 10/14/05, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> David is just finalising the discussion about when our Forrest Friday
> will occur. So I thought I'd start a discussion on what the objective
> should be. We left it far too late last time.
> First a few observations about past events:
> - we have not had enough agreement on how things are to be done
> - there is too much discussion that is better suited to the mailing list
> - as a result there is not enough actually being done.
> Don't get me wrong, discussion is good, but we can do that on the mail
> lists.
> David, Paul and I had a discussion (oh dear) on IRC about how to better
> utilise the Forrest Fridays (nee Tuesdays) - see the logs around Oct 05
> 09:05:13
> (
> Basically the summary is:
> - have a clearly defined goal
> - create an issue in Jira
> - break down the goal into a number of subtasks ahead of the day
> Then when someone arrives to do some work they:
> - check the issue for a task to do
> - assign task to self
> - get on with it (using IRC to ask for help if necessary)
> When someone can no longer be active they:
> - update the task with details of what they have done (remember adding
> the issue number to the commit message will provide a reasonable level
> of auto documenting wiuthin Jira)
> - unassign the task
> ----
> I hope this makes sense to everyone, if it does I would like to suggest
> that our focus for the next Forrest Friday should be:
> 1) complete the locationmap move (FOR-200)
> 2) categorise all issues that need to be done for a 0.8 release (i.e.
> move all non 0.8 issues to "no version" in the fix attribute)
> 3) work on the issues for 0.8 release
> I pick these because there is a clear goal to move functionality forward
> for those wishing to get on with dev work (1). There is something to do
> for those just dropping in for 10 minutes (2) and there is a "catch all"
>   if user (potential dev) has an itch but needs help to scratch (3)
> If we follow this kind of model each time (i.e. views, new config
> system, XHTML2) we should be able o use the FF's to make real progress
> each month.

+1, It seems we've learned some good lessons from the first two.  This
is a good process, it should significantly reduce "ramp-up" time for
folks joining in too.


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