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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: Changing the Day of Forrest Tuesday?
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 12:13:11 GMT
On 10/5/05, Gav.... <> wrote:
> Glad you brought this up Addi
> This was actually discussed yesterday and a post was to be imminant
> asking again which day(s) would be better.
> It was discussed that we ask who would like it to be changed from
> Tuesday to Friday going into Saturday, this is exactly the time you
> are suggesting.
> I am in favour of moving it to Friday into Saturday also, I will
> certainly have more time to do more.
> For those that can do weekdays and prefer to keep the weekends
> to themselves then the actual start time could be Friday AM GMT/UTC
> Then, those that can work during the Friday daytime can and when others
> join on a Friday evening it can then roll on into Saturday and finish
> whenever everyone finishes, this stretches from 24 hours to maybe 36
> but I feel this would be better.
> Below is an indication, not a vote.
> Maybe people could put there name under there preference :-
> 1. Stay as Forrest Tuesday
> 2. Move to Forrest Friday. (finish Sat AM)
> 3. Move to Forrest Friday into Saturday. (Finish Sat PM or whenever)

2 is most appealing to me.

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