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From Erik Brakkee <>
Subject Re: Include mechanism for forrest...
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 20:45:10 GMT
Hi Ross,

Ross Gardler wrote:

>>> We have a policy to only include new elements to the DTD that
>>> are in line with XHTML2.
> One of the reasons for moving to XHTML2 is that it is extensible 
> through its modules, somewhat similar to what Erik was describing in 
> this post.
> Erik, if you can develop your extension ideas in line with the 
> extension mechanisms in XHTML2 I think you will find us much more 
> welcoming of your ideas ;-)

Ok, I will have a look at XHTML2 and start figuring out how to implement 
the feature. Right now, I am developing and maintaining a custom 
extension for Forrest 0.7, and would like to have a more definitive 
solution that is not only maintained by me.

>> Perhaps the extension mechanism I outlined above would be useful as 
>> an extension mechanism for documents.
> Yes, but only if we can make it fit within the XHTML2 extension 
> mechanism. Note that using a plugin in Forrest and a module in the 
> schema should address the concerns you raise with respect to source 
> resolution (i.e. the plugin extends the sitemap to deal with the new 
> schemas).

I will also have a look at the plugin mechanism in Forrest. It should be 
relatively easy to do since I already know many of the problems that I 
will encounter.


> Ross

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