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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: Switchable views (was Re: Views (v1) - a user attempt)
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 08:20:21 GMT
Ross Gardler a écrit :

> Kevin wrote:
>> Thought I'd post my work in progress in trying to do switchable
>> alternate css stylesheets. I call it theme switching though not
>> sure if that is the correct terminology.
> You got the correct terminology and your demo is cool (although I have 
> to say I don't like the choice of colours in the themes ;-)).
> Of course, you can do much more than just change the colours. It would 
> be cool to see a demo that did more drastic changes. Say move the 
> navigation to the right side. Remove the last published timestamps, 
> that kind of thing.

If you want a test with "drastik changes" implemented with views, go to
You can switch from pelt to leatherdev themes with - for instance in 
firefox - "Views/style of the page" or something like this...
(I  am thinking of a contract which will display a conbo-box to change 
the style...)


> As a dev though, I can see that what you have done will make this work.
> I think this should go into a seed site for views, this is an 
> important improvement.
>> While doing this it reminded me of the old skinconf with defined
>> colors that were used as parameters to an xslt to create one
>> css file. It got me thinking that Forrest could generate alternate
>> css files then perhaps have a contract that would emulate the
>> <forrest:css ...> tag in view files and insert all the required
>> alternate css files. Perhaps even part of something like the
>> publishedstrip contract to add the links to click to switch the
>> themes rather than what I have done in site.xml at the moment.
> This sounds like a good idea, in theory. Lets see what Thorsten says 
> regarding his plans for skin configuration (now themes). I know he has 
> given this some thought, but not sure if there are any concrete plans 
> yet.
>> Anyone with a slow dial up? Do you see an unacceptable problem
>> if pages aren't cached after choosing another theme other than
>> the default 'dull' theme?
> This doesn't affect me personally. However, I doubt it would be a 
> problem since users will typically select a theme they like and stick 
> with it.
> [OT] are you based in the UK? If so where?
> Ross

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