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From Erik Brakkee <>
Subject Re: Include mechanism for forrest...
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 06:35:31 GMT

David Crossley wrote:

>It seems to me that this proposal is missing the
>abilities of the Cocoon sitemap and is just treating
>Cocoon as an xml processor.
The include mechanism is using the features of the sitemap. It is 
nothing more than a layer to make xincludes in Forrest more usable.

Right now, since the mechanism  is implemented on top of forrest and not 
inside of forrest, there is some duplication of work so that
new schemes added to the site map would also have to be added to the 
include mechanism. Nevertheless, that would not be necessary if it is 
implemented inside Forrest.

>Also Cocoon will cache the results of each pipeline, so if
>the xincluded file changes, then the changes will have
>no effect.
I don't understand what you mean here. When the included files changes, 
the changes definitely come through. Besides, if this problem would 
exist with this mechanism, then it would also exist with the xinclude 
mechanism which is already inside forrest.

Perhaps it would be good if any of you tried it out and had a closer 
look to see how it actuall works. A good starting point is to do a 
'forrest seed' and then to simply copy the files that are available for 


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