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From Addi <>
Subject ForrestBar questions
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 20:47:09 GMT
I was poking around the Forrest site looking at the tools section and
saw ForrestBar does not work with newer versions of Firefox.  Since I
have always been a little curious about how extensions work I figured I
would update it.  I have created a new extension that works in Firefox
1.0.x and the upcoming 1.5 releases.  Now I have two questions/issues:

1. The links currently on the website for "install" and "download" of
the current forrestbar do not work for me.  The javascript install link
[<link href="javascript:InstallTrigger.install( {'Forrestbar':
'forrestbar.xpi'} );">] just opens a new window with the word false on
it and the download link that references the .xpi file [<link
href="forrestbar.xpi">] just opens garbage on the screen and does not
download.  I was finally successful by right-clicking the download link,
doing Save As... and then either dragging the file for Mozilla or doing
Open File for Firefox.  I am rewriting the site-author page for
ForrestBar in light of the new versions but I am not sure how to supply
download links that actually work properly by clicking on them.  Of
course, I can write out the directions that I did but there must be a
better, more correct way.  Maybe it is something with the install.js
script in the xpi?  I dunno much about it, so any answers or ideas are
welcome.  Otherwise I will just keep researching.

2. I actually have 2 versions of the toolbar now - the original (in both
Moz and FF now, with bad links removed) and I also made a brand new
version for me that consolidated a lot of the Apache stuff, added more
Forrest stuff (Docs, JIRA, our mail list, our SVN), more reference
manuals (SVN, Cocoon) and made the search bar search within the dev mail
archive rather than just a generic google search (which I am already
lovin').  Should I put both the original and new up or just the new?

Any other feedback/concerns?


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