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From Miroslav Mocek <>
Subject continuation of Re: leather-dev skins and view/viewHelper plugins from user mailing list
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 23:32:26 GMT

I've played  a little with default.scale-dev.fv.
I tried to remake it under new views style. I was partially successfull.
There are still problems:
1. sometimes the css doesn't contain the appropriate id, which is 
requested in fv
2. sometimes the css creates other graphic style than in the picture
3. some parts in fv shouldn't be there or should be somewhere else (than 
in the picture)
4. there are not all contracts used in fv

Are these problems based on the fact, that the scale-dev is 
unmaintained? What is in that sense good and what's wrong?

How to create fully appropriate style, which could other people use 
also? (how it should look, what all it should have,
how to 'turn on' the scale-dev skin to be configurable from file?)

Below is my index.fv as remaked from default.scale-dev.fv, if someone 

Thanks for suggestions,

<forrest:views xmlns:forrest="" >
    <forrest:view type="xhtml">
 <forrest:css url="howTo.css"/>

  <forrest:contract name="siteinfo-meta">
    <forrest:properties contract="siteinfo-meta">
      <forrest:property name="siteinfo-meta" nugget="">

    <forrest:hook name="container">
      <forrest:hook name="branding">
        <forrest:hook name="projectlogo">
        <forrest:contract name="branding-projectlogo"/>
        <forrest:hook name="grouplogo">
        <forrest:contract name="branding-grouplogo"/>
        <forrest:hook name="searchbox">
        <forrest:contract name="search-input"/>
    <forrest:contract name="nav-main"/>
      <forrest:hook name="spacer" />
      <forrest:hook name="last-published-tagline">
          <forrest:contract name="siteinfo-last-published"/>
    <forrest:hook name="nav">   
            <forrest:contract name="nav-section"/>
      <forrest:hook name="content">
    <forrest:contract name="branding-fontsize"/>
    <forrest:contract name="content-main"/>

    <forrest:hook name="siteinfo">
        <forrest:contract name="siteinfo-feedback"/>

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