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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Collaborative editing with Gobby
Date Sat, 01 Oct 2005 18:51:50 GMT
psaddi wrote:
> On Saturday October 01 2005 12:38 pm, Gav.... wrote:


>>| If we can get just three people to drop in at the same time that owuld
>>| be great. So we are not wasting our time we could use the session to
>>| write a How-To on doing collaborative meetings. Please raise your hand
>>| if you will attend (meeting time being suitable of course).
> - Addi

OK, there are lots of people wanting to try. I'm going to just state a 
time I will be online and see how many people are able to join in.

This is an informal test so don't worry if you can't make it, if this 
test goes well, we'll try something a little more formal for a Forrest 
Tuesday (but we need to sort out the mac installation issues first, 
until then we stick with IRC).

We will use Gobby to create a How To on participating in a Forrest 
Tuesday event using Gobby. I've already created the skeleton for this 
document. We need to get things like install gotchas into the document. 
If anyone has a Mac and can figure out the install for that platform it 
would be superb. If it works out we'll have a useful document, if not 
we'll no not to try Gobby until more work is carried out.


I will be hosting a session from 10pm until 11pm BST Sunday 2nd [1]. To 
get my IP address and the password for the session email me privately 
(anytime) or if you can SKYPE [2] me (username rgardler).

I will check my email periodically during the session so if someone is 
trying to connect but can't just send an email to this list, we'll help 
try and sort it out here.


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