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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Naming convention in Locationmap
Date Sat, 01 Oct 2005 01:58:15 GMT
I've started to refactor the sitemaps to use the locationmap. I'm using 
the naming convention that Tim suggested during the first Forrest 
Tuesday (I've added his notes to the locationmap document in 0.8 

At the time I agreed to the convention, however, I'm not so sure 
anymore. Here's an example of where I'm not sure it is a good idea:


would become something like:

This is considerably more verbose and I'm not at all sure that it tells 
us anything new. If we just use the filename ("upgrade-skinconf.xsl") we 
appear to have the same information, but we do not necessarily imply 
anything about the location (which is Tims justification for this).

What we lose by using this naming convention is the ability to look at 
the sitemap and then go straight to the file on disk, we would have to 
then open the locationmap to see what the actual filename was.

What do others think?


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