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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (FOR-180) Update forrestbar to be installablein Mozilla Firefox 0.9
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 00:52:11 GMT
Addi wrote:
> Also, in this patch I "versioned" the ForrestBar extension to version
> 0.7.  I was thinking that we could match the ForrestBar version to the
> current version of Forrest.  I have two reasons for this thinking: 1) I
> have a link in the toolbar that links to Current Docs so the ForrestBar
> version number will tell you which version of the Docs it is pointing to
> and this would lead to 2) every release of Forrest we should revisit
> ForrestBar to update the Docs link but also to verify continuing
> compatibility with browsers so we don't let it fall behind again. Does
> this seem reasonable?

Yes. We need to add a note to etc/RELEASE_PROCESS.txt
The version number needs to be incremented as part of
the lead-up to release.

I don't know how to ensure that we update it for
each release. Perhaps add an ongoing Jira issue for it.

>  I am also looking at getting ForrestBar on the
> official Mozilla extensions site so that updates will be automatic for
> users.  Is there any problem with this that I'm not aware of?

I don't know anything about it so cannot say.
Is there a URL that explains what is involved?

> I am also continuing to play with it to try and get it to work in
> Netscape 8.  I tried to put stuff that I thought would be most useful to
> us but if something needs to be added, it is really simple to do by
> looking at the chrome/content/forrestbarOverlay.xul file (or just ask on
> the list and I'll add it).

Thanks for giving it some attention.

Our Zone could be added to the Forrest section.

The Forrest/JIRA link would be better to go via our
We will gradually enhance this page to lead
them into JIRA and provide ready-to-go searches etc.

The References section is a good idea for
some high-level references. The Cocoon links will
change soon as they re-arrange their documentation.

At some stage the Projects/Browse All CVS
will be removed. All projects will be
migrated to SVN by 2006-01-01

The Projects section could also link to

More below ...

> Addison Berry (JIRA) wrote:
> >     [ ]
> >
> >Addison Berry updated FOR-180:
> >------------------------------
> >
> >    Attachment: forrestbar.diff
> >                forrestbar.xpi
> >                forrestbar.xml.diff
> >
> >This new extension will work with Mozilla 1.x and Firefox 0.9 - 1.5 versions.  The
.xpi file attached is the one built running the forrestbar target.  I'm not sure how we get
the .xpi file that is on the web site - if it is built or just put on the server in it's final
form - so I included it here.

It is manually generated after any occasional

It gets added to our "site-author" tree.
Everything that is generated from there gets
onto the server, e.g. mirrors.cgi and .htaccess

I just updated the website for forrestbar.html
and forrestbar.xpi


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