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From addi <>
Subject Re: collaborative editing tools (Was: svn commit: r293179)
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 00:45:34 GMT
On Monday October 03 2005 3:51 pm, Ross Gardler wrote:
> wrote:
> > Quoting David Crossley <>:
> >> Ross Gardler wrote:
> >>> David Crossley wrote:
> >>> >We should also explore other tools. I got a bit worried
> >>> >that we rushed to a certain software.
> >> >
> >> >A quick Google found me this for example ...
> >> >
> ...
> > I have Inkscape .42 and it is a great little SVG program but as far as I
> > can
> > tell, you can't use it to edit the kind of text files we are working
> > with - at
> > least I can't open a .xml file in it.  If I'm wrong about that, Inkboard
> > will
> > be in .43 which is in hard freeze and due to be released soon.  Again
> > though,
> > the demo only showed WYSIWYG editing of SVG files.
> Yes, that is the mistake I made. I'm an Inkscape user and didn't realise
> that David had found a reference saying that they planned to add
> collaborative editing. I'm still to check this out.

Yes, that is the Inkboard I refered to, but it is a collaborative GUI *SVG* 
editor from what I can see so far.  I haven't found anything about additional 
text editing capabilities in any of the documentation or mail lists.  As far 
as I know Inkscape only allows editing of SVG files, so unless it is an 
additional feature of the Inkboard code I don't think we will be able to open 
and work with regular xml files in it.  
> Inkscape is a cool tool, collaborative editing with it would be killer.

I agree and this is definitely something to keep an eye on but I don't think 
it is going to be a code editor like we need.  Also, for those who are 
interested the Inkboard component uses Jabber for the sessions so you will 
need a Jabber account to use it.

- Addi
> [For those interested, Cocoon is having a similar discussion for use at
> the forthcoming GetTogether]
> Ross

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