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Subject Re: collaborative editing tools (Was: svn commit: r293179)
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 18:56:48 GMT
Quoting David Crossley <>:

> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>> >
>> >We should also explore other tools. I got a bit worried
>> >that we rushed to a certain software.
> >A quick Google found me this for example ...
> >

... snip ...
>> I agree we should examine alternatives, but the only one in this list
>> that is an alternative is SubEthaEdit, unfortunately that is Mac only
>> (is it not?). Gobby is cross platform, although too dificult to install
>> on Mac at this time (work in progress).
> As i was suggesting, my quick search revealed one
> possibility. There must be more.
> -David

I did some more poking around re: David's concerns and really didn't come up
with much.

 From my searches I came across a few free collaborative editors (oxyd, 
Yarrr) that were in very early development (pre-alpha or planning) or were
plugins/extensions to other programs.  Besides Gobby the only other one 
I found
that is free, stand-alone and currently usable is MoonEdit but it only has
Linux, FreeBSD and Win versions with no mention of Mac at all.

Besides stand-alone there is also the option of web-based, but all the ones I
came across were designed for editing html pages in a gui and none with real
code editing in mind.  (JotSpot Live, Writely)

I have Inkscape .42 and it is a great little SVG program but as far as I can
tell, you can't use it to edit the kind of text files we are working with - at
least I can't open a .xml file in it.  If I'm wrong about that, Inkboard will
be in .43 which is in hard freeze and due to be released soon.  Again though,
the demo only showed WYSIWYG editing of SVG files.

So, after spending a goodly amount of time wandering around, Gobby is the most
referenced and, I think, still at the top of our list.  Hopefully they will
complete the ports for Mac soon.

- Addi

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