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From Kevin <>
Subject Re: Switchable views (was Re: Views (v1) - a user attempt)
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 14:08:18 GMT

Subject changed to Switchable Views? User chooses to add / delete
contracts: breadcrumbs, search box, published strip, branding etc in
their view file. Themes are added to that, which are switchable in
css, yes? More inline.  

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 23:51 +0100, Ross Gardler wrote: 
> Kevin wrote:
> > Thought I'd post my work in progress in trying to do switchable
> > alternate css stylesheets. I call it theme switching though not
> > sure if that is the correct terminology.
> You got the correct terminology and your demo is cool (although I have 
> to say I don't like the choice of colours in the themes ;-)).

Let me have your three color choices and I'll do a rosstheme :-P)

> Of course, you can do much more than just change the colours. It would 
> be cool to see a demo that did more drastic changes. Say move the 
> navigation to the right side. Remove the last published timestamps, that 
> kind of thing.

Yep, everything is in each alternate css so can be changed. Thought of
merging pelt view css and have corner images automatically generated in
different colors and switchable! (I see later in the thread it may have
been done!)

Moving nav bar to the right was the first thing I tried. But
#leftbar { float: right; } :(
What about three column layout? No I'm working within what the system
gives me as a user and it's good. 

Yes you could make the view switchable by removing an existing published
strip with DHTML and have the page re-flow. I was thinking more of
themes = fonts, colors, borders etc.

> As a dev though, I can see that what you have done will make this work.
> I think this should go into a seed site for views, this is an important 
> improvement.

Yes I'd like to make it a contribution. The part about me using a Perl
template system was snipped. This makes it easier to add more switchable
parameters to a css template and generate many theme css files.

If this went into a seed site for views as it stands and an IE or Mac
css fix is needed it would have to be applied to five css files.

> > While doing this it reminded me of the old skinconf with defined
> > colors that were used as parameters to an xslt to create one
> > css file. It got me thinking that Forrest could generate alternate
> > css files then perhaps have a contract that would emulate the
> > <forrest:css ...> tag in view files and insert all the required
> > alternate css files. Perhaps even part of something like the
> > publishedstrip contract to add the links to click to switch the
> > themes rather than what I have done in site.xml at the moment.
> This sounds like a good idea, in theory. Lets see what Thorsten says 
> regarding his plans for skin configuration (now themes). I know he has 
> given this some thought, but not sure if there are any concrete plans yet.
> > Anyone with a slow dial up? Do you see an unacceptable problem
> > if pages aren't cached after choosing another theme other than
> > the default 'dull' theme?
> This doesn't affect me personally. However, I doubt it would be a 
> problem since users will typically select a theme they like and stick 
> with it.

Page flashes to the persistant css sometimes. I've made it look
like a blank page so less noticable.

> >
> [OT] are you based in the UK? If so where?

Yes Hertfordshire, you?


> Ross

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