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From Kevin <>
Subject Views: <forrest:css> before <forrest:template ... head="true">
Date Sat, 08 Oct 2005 16:56:12 GMT

I've been implementing a theme (alternative css) switching idea which
appeared to work ok. I have done this before but not with Forrest.

I've used <forrest:css ...> to define my style sheets and wrote a
simple <forrest:template ...  name="styleswitch" head="true"> to put
my javascript in page head.

So, logically in my fv file:

<forrest:css ...>

is before my javascript  

<forrest:contract name="styleswitch"/>

Unfortunately, for me :) the included javascript is placed before
included css in the generated pages. Is it possible to change this
behaviour to have css first as defined in the view file?



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