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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-680) The jspwiki parser renders nested lists invalid
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 14:34:05 GMT

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From: "David Crossley" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 10:42 AM
Subject: Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-680) The jspwiki parser renders nested 
lists invalid

| Gav.... wrote:
| > Thanks, got the wiki working, now for the next part.
| >
| > In trying to correct the nested lists rendering, I altered the
| > wiki2xdoc.xsl, sure
| > enough the changes I made were carried across into the final output, but
| > were
| > still incorrect. I am thinking that the problem may lie elsewhere but I 
| > not
| > find where 'elsewhere' is at the moment.
| >
| > Having gone through what seems like every file in the plugin I can not 
| > where
| > the problem lies at the moment. I will keep at it but wondered if anyone 
| > knows the plugin better might have a better idea where to look (who 
| > wiki2xdoc.xsl may be that place).
| >
| > I have looked in wiki.grm and seems ok.
| > I have looked at the source sample file jspwiki-sample.jspwiki and seems 
| >
| > Anywhere else I should be looking ?
| Don't forget the sitemaps too. They build a parser
| out of the grammar and then apply it to the text.
| plugins/ lines 55 and 56
| and then either
| plugins/ line 93
| or
| webapp/sitemap.xmap line 326
| (i am not sure which).
| Change the wiki/input.xmap at line 91 to let
| the pipeline be external, then view
| localhost:8888/wiki.xlex

I did that but resource not found.

| Perhaps the wiki.grm is not quite correct or too
| strict. Wiki documents are very fragile. Perhaps
| there is an additional space (or some such) before
| or after the bullet item in the source file.

No spaces that I know of, the wiki.grm seems correct from what
little I know, but am still checking it out.

| Also try looking at the intermediate pipelines
| to see if xml is being created properly at each step
| of the way.
| The easiest way to do that is to use the
| Cocoon Sitemap Profiler:

Ok, did that, wow, seems to be a lot going on there!

The .xml file contains the wrong code, not knowing too much
at this stage I'm not sure if it is a base .xml file that the xsl uses
to produce the final html output or if it is an output .xml file
as a result of the xsl. It is important that I determine this
obviously as it would rule in or out the xsl as the problem.

I would suspect a pipeline otherwise (npi) but can not see where
any problem lies at the moment.

| Otherwise add an xml serializer at certain points
| in wiki/input.xmap and comment-out the remainder
| of the map:match, then view it at
| localhost:8888/samples/jspwiki-sample.xml

Ok, not tried that yet.

| You are a glutton for punishment :-) First you pick
| an i18n-related issue which turned complex, now
| taking on Chaperon/Wiki. Only persist if it is fun
| for you or if you have a need. Thanks anyway.

It does seem that way doesn't it :)
It's a good exercise for me, the need is to
accomplish the desired result and reduce the


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