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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Static site updating of xml files
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:00:19 GMT
Well, after messing around with Forrest for a few months I thought I would
actually build a proper site with it, hoping that this will give me more
insight. So I guess I am back to square one with a couple of things.

When generating a static site using 'forrest site' everything works as it 
and I will upgrade to Thorstens work ASAP, but in the meantime,

1. Whenever a change is made to an xml file, for instance index.xml, I again 
     a 'forrest site' and upload the updated files. Now, all I have done is 
     minor changes to index.xml and not added/subtracted any links at all, 
     because of timestamping of files etc I find that my editor wants me to
     upload all files, inlcuding images, because they have changed. If, in 
     future I make only minor changes to an .xml file, is there a better way 
     update this to produce the static .html equivelant ?

2. This is a minor point but I mention it in case it needs addressing or 
    due to upcoming updates. The produced 'tabs.xml' from a 'forrest seed'
    contains the following amongst others :-

  <tab label="Apache XML Projects" href="">
    <tab label="Forrest" href=""/>
    <tab label="Xerces" href=""/>

The two 'second level' tabs pointing to 'Forrest' and 'Xerces' are useless 
as far
as I can see as they will never get shown because the main tab they belong 
takes you to an external site., or have I misunderstood ?


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