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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Re: Changing the Day of Forrest Tuesday?
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 13:56:51 GMT
Glad you brought this up Addi

This was actually discussed yesterday and a post was to be imminant
asking again which day(s) would be better.

It was discussed that we ask who would like it to be changed from
Tuesday to Friday going into Saturday, this is exactly the time you
are suggesting.

I am in favour of moving it to Friday into Saturday also, I will
certainly have more time to do more.

For those that can do weekdays and prefer to keep the weekends
to themselves then the actual start time could be Friday AM GMT/UTC
Then, those that can work during the Friday daytime can and when others
join on a Friday evening it can then roll on into Saturday and finish
whenever everyone finishes, this stretches from 24 hours to maybe 36
but I feel this would be better.

Below is an indication, not a vote.

Maybe people could put there name under there preference :-

1. Stay as Forrest Tuesday

2. Move to Forrest Friday. (finish Sat AM)

3. Move to Forrest Friday into Saturday. (Finish Sat PM or whenever)



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From: "Addi" <>
To: "Forrest Dev List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 9:31 PM
Subject: Changing the Day of Forrest Tuesday?

|I know this has been discussed before and I wanted to raise the topic
| again now, so we have time to discuss and decide before next month.
| I have great difficulty partaking on a weekday because I cannot access
| IRC from within my DCN at work which means I have to hop off to an
| outside wireless to join, but then I can't work effectively.  I normally
| have a few hours in the evening, but if something comes up - either
| working late or home matters, like last night, then my only window is
| gone.  Personally, weekends would work much better for me since I am a
| lot more flexible then - even Fridays because then I can burn the
| midnight oil and know it won't burn me the next day.  I know that for
| others though, workdays are more flexible and personal life space is
| harder to manage, so I know there is no perfect solution.
| Anyway, just reviving it for discussion so we can determine whether or
| not the community wants to move FT to another day of the week.
| - Addi
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