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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: forrest:views and xhtml2
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 18:17:47 GMT
Hi all,

While the discussion in this thread is valuable, I'm not sure it is
sending the right message across. We must try and keep the discussions
analytical, where possible -- I'm inclined to say that I sense some
personal frustration in this thread.

Anyhow, I'm writing just to clear up some confusion in my head:

o As a community, I think we agreed that XHTML2 was the way forward
o Again, as a community, we agreed that views were the way forward
o At some point, views will have to move into Forrest core, and so will XHTML2
o Views had been under development, are usable, but not yet into core
o Our first FT was largely experimental -- people played around with
XHTML2; for lack of time and keeping in mind the future merge of views
and XHTML2 into core, some shortcuts were taken (copying over of old
sitemaps for instance) to get "something" working and show up in the

On the whole, I think this is *great* and I don't really see what the
problem is.

o the first FT was (hopefully) fun for people. 
o For those who like to "hack around", it must have been a valuable
hands on experience to know more about views and sitemaps
o as a result more people are now comfortable working with views (so
we have more, much needed man power)
o and, we have a more concrete understanding of what are the problems
that need to be solved.

In the end, I think this will all add up to a neater, leaner, cleaner
architecture for the new Forrest core.  Maybe we're trying to do too
much with this plugin. But we have to start *somewhere*, and we won't
find out until we do it.

For me, involvement in Forrest is *purely* for fun -- I don't use it
in any work related areas. I felt the first FT was fun, just to hang
around and learn a little bit more about people. For some (maybe most)
devs, Forrest might be more work related, and thus more important
professionally and so I understand if people are concerned about
making good use of their time. But thats the beauty of this
environment right -- that we can choose to work on what we want, how
we want, in a way that makes most sense to us?

So really, whats the big deal here?

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