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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: A 0.8 release? (was Re: [Proposal] rollback)
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 23:02:52 GMT
I am making no cuts and no inline comments, it would be a crime to mess 
with the message Diwaker is sending here. Thank you, Diwaker, you are 
right on target.


Diwaker Gupta wrote:
>>No offense to anyone but if somebody wants to release 0.8 as -
>>refactored sitemaps to utilise locationmap, then we (or better this
>>somebody) has to put some more work into it. It cannot be that we expect
>>from the usual suspects that they now as well put more work into that
>>part of forrest.
>>Actually that is the point, why you only? Refactoring the sitemaps can
>>be done by *all* committers. There is no secrets to it.
> I think this remark carries some negative connotation that bothers me.
> I will try to be concise and objective in my statements so as to avoid
> any confusion.
> I started using Forrest because it was a cool tool that fit my needs
> perfectly. In using it I found some things that I needed that weren't
> there and were not hard to fix, so I sent in the occasional patch.  I
> like living on the bleeding edge of cool software, so when views were
> out I was quick to put them to test and I really liked the concept.
> With every project, there comes a time when the project sort of comes
> of age. I think Forrest is nearing that time now. There are a lot of
> ideas, discussions, community building up -- Forrest is trying to
> define itself, which is fantastic. But like all good things, it will
> take its time. I try to follow the discussions as and when I can, and
> put in my thoughts if I have something to add. Otherwise I'm happy to
> watch.
> I don't use Forrest at work. I don't get money out of Forrest related
> work. For me, the only interest in Forrest is personal. I try and
> contribute when I have the time and motivation, and it doesn't help if
> I feel there is some 'pressure' or 'expection' when I don't.
> Like Ross said, this is open source. If someone has a itch, they
> scratch it. At the same time however, for any good and large open
> source project to succeed it usually takes more than a passing
> interest and commitment on the part of atleast some of the developers.
> Typically (there are always exceptions) people who have a more
> concrete interest (work related, for instance) in the product will be
> the stewards of large changes and I think that works out well.
> While I really appreciate all the hard work everyone puts into
> Forrest, getting negative vibes about the "other" developers not
> putting in enough effort doesn't help the project or the community.
> People do what they want to do, and the community recognizes them for
> it. If I am unable to contribute as much as the next developer, I
> don't want to be judged for it, nor want other developers to feel bad
> about it.
> I have great respect for the work that people are doing here, but I
> feel bad if they think of themselves as the "usual suspects".
> Just my 2c.
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