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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: A 0.8 release? (was Re: [Proposal] rollback)
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:08:09 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> Why do we want to release 0.8, now?

release early, release often. This was discussed and agreed a month or
so ago.

> I thought we said we need to refactor the whole lot but now we want
> again release partial work? 

Refactor the whole lot for a 1.0 release, yes, but there is nothing
wrong with doing it in stages (in fact it is a good idea to do so,
release early, release often)

Besides, the locationmap is, in itself, a very powerful tool that makes
it possible for Forrest to be used for the apache site-build proposal
(which is gathering pace again). see

> We have ongoing discussions about opening
> new branches, doing the work in plugins, ...
> We need a final decision backup with a vote.

Yes, that concerns me too, that is why I changed my mind about
branch/plugins decision for the XHTML2 work. You are *doing* it in a
plugin. My concern was only that it was you that suggested a branch on
IRC. To be honest I don't care, as long as it gets done and since you
are *doing* it I don't want to stand in your way - no need for 
discussion or vote unless someone sees harm.

The only harm I see is a very long development schedule to the next
release which will hold up the release of the locationmap, which in turn 
will  hold up the release/development of some important (to me only?) 
plugins (e.g. Daisy, Lenya, Amazon ECS) and attraction of users/devs to 
Forrest (through Apache site-build)

> -1 to release anything right now!

It's not right now it's once the sitemaps are refactored (which I will
do in the coming weeks). This is a *much* smaller job than the
XHTML2/views integration. Making core a plugin framework (0.9) paves the
way for integration of the views plugins (0.10) by cleaning up core even

Does a 0.8 release prevent you from continuing work on the views stuff?
Is there really a need for a -1?


I did miss something out in the schedule though:

>>0.8   - refactored sitemaps to utilise locationmap
>>0.9   - core as a plugin framework (all input/output code to plugins)
>>0.10  - views integration (which incorporate the move to XHTML2 subset)

0.11 - forrest as a Cocoon block (includes new config system)

>>1.0   - a big tidy up of JIRA issues
>>I see the 0.8 and 0.9 releases as being fairly rapid. They are not huge 
>>jobs. It is the 0.10 work that will take lots of time (at least I 
>>believe so).
>>We should do parallel development on the 0.8/0.9 releases and the 
>>views/xhtml2 work (done in plugins, yes I changed my mind).
>>We keep trunk stable up until the 1.0-dev work. At this point we move 
>>have a stable branch and a trunk for integration of views into core. 
>>This is likely to end up in an unstable trunk for a time.

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