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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Collaborative editing with Gobby
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 09:47:02 GMT
Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> Den 29. sep. 2005 kl. 20.10 skrev Nicola Ken Barozzi:
>> In this way during real-time collaborative sessions, we can all code
>> together, or see others code.

Nice! (shame it is GPL, but we can still use it)

  > About meeting memos:
> We write them in the forrest-supported jspwiki format collaboratively  
> while conducting the meeting (all contributing), and when the meeting  
> is over, the memo is ready (in principle, at least:-), and directly  
> published to xml->html with forrest. Since all contributed to the  memo, 
> there's really no need to review the notes. Instant publishing  - for real!

I really like this. Perhaps we can use Gobby instead of IRC for future 
Forrest Tuesdays. The problem I have with the last two Forrest Tuesdays 
is that nobody has the time to write up the IRC logs and reading them 
after the event is not all that helpful - too difficult to follow.

I notice that Gobby has an IRC like chat client built in. Given Sjur's 
experiences above I'd like to run a test session with a couple of 
people. Just 10-20 minutes playing with it to see if we can use it for 
Forrest Tusedays.

If we can get just three people to drop in at the same time that owuld 
be great. So we are not wasting our time we could use the session to 
write a How-To on doing collaborative meetings. Please raise your hand 
if you will attend (meeting time being suitable of course).


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