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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] rollback - internal.view and output.viewHelper.xhtml to revision 280939 (was Re: svn commit: r292072)
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 20:45:46 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> El mié, 28-09-2005 a las 14:39 +0200, Thorsten Scherler escribió:
>>El mié, 28-09-2005 a las 09:34 +0100, Ross Gardler escribió:
>>>I note that your theme plugin contains all the contracts rather than 
>>>just the theme, is this a result of copying the branch and we are still 
>>>in agreement about the above processing pipeline? In other words we are 
>>>going to refactor the structure of this plugin at some point in the future?
>>I am refactoring them, that is why they broke the trunk! 
> ...
> BTW I am waiting for the example:

Hmmm... there is nothing in the log you quote that says I am to provide 
an example. The Resume plugin I refer to is an adaption of the plugin 
in SVN. Unfortunately, I cannot give examples from it as the 
organisation has not permitted me to open source that part of the code. 
I hope to implement something similar in the Amazon ECS plugin as that 
is for a voluntary organisation that understands the idea of sharing. 
However, it is a voluntary organisation, so don't hold your breath, work 
will happen only when time allows.

It works like this:

resume src -> contracts -> XDoc -> XDoc2XHTML.xsl -> CSS -> themed page

This is explained in more detail in my mail outlining my approach to 
integrating XHTML2 and is discussed further in the rest of the IRC log.


> Sep 19 09:29:57 <rgardler>	contracts(core) - they are used in core, they
> may be provided by an input plugin though, e.g. resume plugin has
> contracts that convert from resume DTD to XHTML2
> Sep 19 09:52:38 <rgardler>	Have you looked at the Resume plugin? (I ask
> so that I know where to pitch my explanation)
> Sep 19 09:52:55 <twilliams_>	but i don't see how the contract itself "contracts
produce XHTML2 for consumption in the core"
> Sep 19 09:53:27 <tscherler>	(00:53:11) twilliams_: but i don't see how the contract
itself "contracts produce XHTML2 for consumption in the core"-> I just looking at the resume
plugin and do not dsee this either
> Sep 19 09:53:30 <twilliams_>	noo
> Sep 19 09:53:46 <twilliams_>	i can though if it won't waste folks time
> Sep 19 09:54:32 <rgardler>	No, I need to explain it Tim
> Sep 19 09:54:45 <rgardler>	The resume plugin uses a resume DTD as input
> Sep 19 09:55:41 <rgardler>	(I just realised the committed version of the plugin
doesn't do this - no wonder you are all confused - sorry)
> salu2

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