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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: voice stylesheet and views
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 10:26:14 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> As I understood, contracts are points where to place xsl templates.

Yes, templates, but not complete stylesheets...

> I noticed some some structure naming convention but I can't find where it's explained.

Because they are not, at least not in an easily accessible way. There 
will be discussion in the mail archives, but they are not documented 
anywhere. I'm afraid I can't tell you what they are.

> Now my problem:
> 1. Originally I had my template for generating "voice head"
> 2. I have contract voice-markup.ft 
> 3. I added my original voice stylesheet template under some forrest:template node in
contract and rename it to voice-markup-head
> 4. No results :(

What do you mean "no result", do you get any output at all?

What does your contract look like now?

> If I look to some examples (plugins that use views and contracts), I note that all contracts
are very small and I can't see any xsl manipulations...

Small because they are not doing major transformations, they are simply 
working with specific parts of the source document. However, yours will 
be much larger since you are processing the whole document into a new 

Similarly, not all contracts do any XSL transformation stuff on the 
source, some just add fixed content (like the search box for example). 
For an example of a contract that does do transformations on the source see:

> So what is the magic? How to link xsl processing with contract? Or am I totally wrong?

The short answer is that the templates defined in the view (voice.fv in 
this case) are all pulled together to create a single stylesheet that is 
applied to the source document.

For the full answer see:

Note that views are a moving target and have changed a little since that 
  mail, but the basic concept (and the part you are asking about) 
remains the same.


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