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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: voice plugin
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 18:05:38 GMT
HANAX wrote:
>>HANAX wrote:


>>>Great, finally I understand basics now :) Seems that now I need to split my work
to 2 contracts:
>>>1. to generate VoiceXML into header
>>>2. to generate body section of mxml file
>>:-)) correct (almost) - you are getting the hang of it.
>>It's actually a little simpler, one cantract can add content to both 
>>header and body. But we'll come to the body stuff later. Lets just focus 
>>on the head stuff for now.
> But I thought that might be better for me to add some vidual feedback while reading body.

> If I understood, views works only for XHTML output.

No, that is not the case. It's just that XHTML is the only output format 
that uses views so far.

> So if I request .mxml file views aren't used? But maybe I'm wrong...

No, that is only the case as you currently have it implemented. By 
creating the contracts to put the voiceml stuff in head you make it 
available to any request that uses views. So it will be available in a 
normal *.html request. Thus when someone views the page with a voice 
ennabled browser they can listen to the rendering or read it.

> When I request .mxml site, I got same results as I had without views.

YEs, but if you create the contract and request an *.html page you get 
the XHTML output and the mxml output. This is what we are currently 
working towards in order give you a practical understandnig of views. 
After that we can go on to other things like...

> So how to tell forrest that I want to use some view if I request .mxml file?

Let me ask a few questions so I fully understand your use case:

Is there a reason why a client may requet this file rather than a *.html 

Do you want to have the same content in the mxml version or would it be 
different content (or styling)?

Why *.mxml what does it mean and who has defined that extension?

Can you give some links to examples of the kind of output you would like 
to create (i.e. sites with voice and visual rendering)?

 > I mean now it renders whole content via xsl but I want to make 
contract which will render header and body with "header stylesheet" and 
"body stylesheeet". I have vague idea how to make that with contract, 
what I'm asking for now is way to connect .mxml and views.

Hopefully once we have completed the contracts and the view to render 
the plugin site you will be able to anser this question yourself.

Again, try re-reading the mails I linked to earlier in this thread and 
lookin at what happens to the plugin docs when you add/remove items in 
the voice.fv file.

>>Besides, it's just easier in views ;-)
> Ok, someday maybe I'll make sometihung more difficult and will see that :)

Yes, like when you want to create a special view for your *.mxml 
requests. You will be amazed at how easy it is once you have defined all 
your contracts. Like I say above, play around with the voice.fv file in 
the plugin docs - remove a contrcct or two and look at the effects. I 
think you'll get the idea.


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