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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Future target user (was Re: [RT] Split cocoon from forrest)
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 21:25:43 GMT
addi wrote:
> On Tuesday September 13 2005 8:53 pm, Thorsten Scherler wrote:


> So anyway I am -1 on the idea but I am also honestly curious about the 
> community's concept of the future target user of Forrest. And if I'm off 
> the mark or misunderstanding the intent, please let me know.

This is an interesting question and one that has come up a few times. 
There is no definitive answer since each dev has their own view on the 
*future* target user.

I think we are all in agreement that the *current* target user is a 
fairly tech savvy beast.

Personally, I see Forrest being at the core of a set of tools for end 
users who are computer literate, but little more. We have some work in 
this direction (and Eclipse based application for example). However, 
these are a long way from being usable by non technical end users.


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