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From Joachim Breitsprecher>
Subject Re: [RT] Split cocoon from forrest
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 08:05:18 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> I don't like it.

Neither do I.

> I can visualise us having to support a stack of Cocoon user
> questions and we don't have enough people here to help.

It is not only that but also a whole bunch of new problems could be
introduced. Right now, all users of a particular Forrest revision use
the same Cocoon version. That makes it easier to track down problems and
I think of it as one of the main features of Forrest. Users and
developers don't have to worry about checking out and building the
correct revision of Cocoon to build Forrest. They just check out and
build Forrest and it works. Updating Forrest also only involves invoking
"svn up" and "./". You don't have to check after every update
whether you also have to update Cocoon.

Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> I mean you would need them both to make forrest running. That would
> overcome the whole procedure. We can set certain revision numbers of
> cocoon-2.2 till it is not released. Kind of we having in lenya.

I really like Lenya. It is a great project. However, the one thing I
*don't* like about Lenya is having to download both Lenya and Cocoon and
build them just to have a working basis. I think they should also bundle
Cocoon :-)

David Crossley wrote:
> I would rather than we Forrest committers did a little bit
> of extra work, to make it easier for our developers/users.

I am not a Forrest committer, so it is easy for me to say "+1" here. But
even if I was, I would still be "+1" :-)

-- Joachim

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