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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: voice plugin
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:21:08 GMT
HANAX wrote:
>>HANAX wrote:
>>>Finally I have done my exams, so now it's good time for me to continue my work.
>>Welcome back, I trust you did well in your exams?
>>>I remember that last time we were talking about views and that was the last thing
I read in this forum.
>>>Now I'm not in the picture now so I'll appreciate some help how to user views
and integrate them or what else...
>>Yes, moving your work into views is the next stage. If I understand 
>>correctly the voiceXML stuff should go in the <head> section of the 
>>final HTML page. Is that right?
> Yes, but small code is needed also in body section. And also external grammar files.

The grammar files are external, so they can be served in the normal way 
via the sitemap (i.e. no need to change this in your existing code).

If you need some code in body as well as head then we may need two 
contracts. Lets focus on one at a time though. The majority of stuff 
goes into head so we may as well work there.

> I've read archive, but thing seems pretty abstract for me :)

Yes, The purpose of that particular reference was just to give you a 
high level understanding of the terminology in this new funcitonlaity. I 
hope my subsequent link to our meagre docs on views helps to make it a 
little more concrete, together with looking at the code we have added to 
the voice plugin.

The view is defined in src/documentation/content/default.fv, so this is 
a good place to start looking.

The contracts defined in that file are all in the viewhelper.xhtml 
plugin (in whiteboard).

Incidentally to make this work you need to deploy the views plugins, 
there is a helper script in FORREST_HOME/etc called views/sh to do this.

Don't worry if you are still totally lost with this views stuff (I was 
until very recently), we will hold your hand until you understand. Just 
ask more questions so we can give meaningful responses.


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