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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: my trip through the view-related pipelines
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 21:19:41 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> Below is a short and long version of a trip through the view-related
> pipelines.  I certainly don't claim to understand every piece of it,
> but this exercise has been useful for me to get a good detailed idea
> of how views really work beyond the conceptual.  My descriptions may
> leave something to be desired but it's worked for me.  I realized last
> night that the move to XHTML2  and Views are intimately linked.  Even
> if the name and approach changes, I think picking now as a starting
> point to "go deep" with them is critical.  To speed up your learning
> process, I also pasted in the urls that address each relevant part of
> the pipeline -- I think seeing the result along with the code and
> description is really helpful.

Tim - this is fantastic. Really, really helpful. I will digest it fully 
when I have more time, but my speed reading of it confirmed everything I 
thought I'd discovered when we worked on the XHTML2 stuff together.

This should be made into a doc (yes things will change but this is a 
great reference point).


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