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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [FT] 2005-09-06 Summary
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 12:27:36 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Thanks Diwaker for this summary. It really helped catch up after
> drifting off for a moonlight dinner with Jenny ...
>>For example, here is a locationmap entry based purely on filename:
>>      <map:transform src="{lm:xhtml2html.xsl}"/>
>>and now below is that same entry using a "name" style.  One implies a certain 
>>physical location
>>where as the one below is truly a name that needs to be resolved to a physical 
>>      <map:transform src="{lm:transform.xslt.xhtml2.html}"/>
>>The format is essentially:
>>Examples of these two:
> Is this format you describe the one and only way of using lm in
> Forrest now? In other words will all references to lm'ed resources use
> it? Or was it just an example?

Tim proposed this as the *recomended* way of using the locationmap. It 
is not enforced in any way. We need to discuess this further, it was 
somewhat of a snap decision that seems to make sense.


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