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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [FT] 2005-09-06 Summary
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 12:26:24 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:

This is really useful Diwaker - thanks.

> Topic: XHTML2 core and Jira cleanup
> ===================================
> Directory Structure and Configuration
> -------------------------------------
> Discussion regarding the directory structure surfaced briefly, but there was
> no consensus. It is an important issue that needs a little more discussion,
> that will perhaps be taken up in another FT (ForrestTuesday) or hopefully
> even earlier. This has been discussed earlier on the dev list:

(I wasn't present at this point... my added thoughts)

Directory structure is not important at this point since using the LM 
enables us to change it at any time (documentation not withstanding).

I have no problem with us working with the suggested structure from the 

> Some devs expressed concern over the disruption the new layout will bring, and
> whether there was really a "need" for a new layout. Eventually the discussion
> just died out. IIUC, the bottomline is that we do need a layout change at some
> point of time; it just didn't happen today.

Or not usig it ;-)

The LM will save the day (documentation excepted)

> Pipeline stages
> ---------------
> Thorsten started a discussion on being able to request any stage of the
> pipeline by itself. Cheche also gave some inputs on this. At some point the
> discussion digressed to talk about naming ( vs. index.nav.xml) and
> other issues (site.xml is data or meta-data; role of editors and content
> producers etc). I'm not sure if any concrete conlusion/decision came out of
> this discussion.
> Later on Ross and Tim got back to this discussion. Ross tossed the idea of
> using Cocoon Views (not to be confused with forrest:views) as an alternate
> mechanism for achieving the same goals. 

No, it was Tim sugesting views. I don't "get" what Tim is trying to 
illustrate, he promised an example with respect to meta-data (one day)

My own view is that this part of the discussion was only relevant to the 
old skinning system. In views we have no concept of body-**.html or 
tabs-**.html. Instead we have named contracts.

To get a particular part of the a page you have two choices:

1) create a specific view for it (Thorsten and I discussed this the mail 
archive is linked from the relevant part of the IRC log)

2) add a matcher that allows us to retrive the content of a specific 
contract only

**NOTE** 2 is theory only, I have not thought it through

> Things to do for XHTML2
> -----------------------
> o locationmaps not working in structurer.xmap
> o templates: *.ft not being picked up
> o theming/navigation not being done
> o templates are in the wrong place
> o views should be fully configurable by the project (see patch to
> forrest-xcore.conf below. This *should not* be needed)

FallbackResolver needs to be replaced by Locationmap work Thorsten is 
working on.


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