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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-655) Create sample document for XHTML2 subset
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 05:45:38 GMT wrote:
> David wrote:
>>>Thanks. If you use the examples I provide (in a few hours) to get it all
>>>working I can then afterwards convert it into a proper forrest xml/html
>>Sorry i don't understand what you mean by "forrest version"
>>or "convert it into a proper forrest xml/html".
>>Wait and see what you have today. **
> Sorry, I mean the page I put up as example code at
> is just a standalone page and is not part of a
> forrest site, contains no menus etc etc.

I guess we will create a branch to work in as part of the Forrest 
Tuesday thing. We will, most likely start off with a new seed site that 
uses XHTML2 as the source files. We then need to convert forrest:views 
to work with these input files rather than with Xdocs.

> By conversion I mean to create a /samples/xhtml2.* page
> (or whiteboard) containing all these new elements,using
> an existing forrest page, probably

I think the process you are using, working through the recomendation and 
creating parts of the document to illustrate each of the elements is 
better than starting with an existing document v2.0. This way we know we 
have everything in the example page. Although it is worth bearing in 
mind the goal is to have a file that can replace as an example of ow to 
do things, so the language used should be similar..

>>The aim of ForrestTuesday is to start working on the
>>proper xhtml2 internal format. So the job is big.
>>See the mail thread in the Description of
> I don't doubt the hugeness of the task, I was just hoping
> to create a sample page involving everything that is xhtml2
> that can be used as a basis of xhtml2 working code. All this
> pipelining stuff etc is where I watch with interest. I am
> looking at relaxNG stuff and at
> but that is all I am doing atm, looking.

It is brilliant you are finding the time to get started on this stuff 
ahead of Forrest Tuesday. We will need you to be around all (your) night 
to advise on the relaxNG stuff ;-)


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