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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Proposal for Forrest-Cocoon-Lenya commit access
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 17:34:25 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote:
> ...
>>So are we now saying that "merit" applies across the ASF?  
> In a sense, WRT trust, IMO, yes.

+1, with respect to trust. If someone in Apache trusts them, that is 
good enough for me.

With respect to having the *technical* skills to contribute to Forrest, 
it is different, being a committer on, for example, PHP, does not mean 
one has the technical skills to contribute to Forrest. However, I 
*trust* such a committer to avoid interfering without community 

In other words, I trust any Apache committer to know their own abilities 
and the boundaries they should/should not cross.

In this particular proposal we are talking about Cocoon committers 
(people who build our foundations) and Lenya committers (people who 
build the other "end" of the publishing process on the Cocoon framework).

True Nicola proposed going across the whole ASF. I'm not sure about that 
yet, although my argument above, and Nicolas similar argument seems to 
say I should be happy with it... still thinking.

What I am sure about (in my own mind) is that we should lower the 
barriers to those who are technically akin to ourselves - i.e. Lenya and 

> IOW, I trust them, so I give them access.
> After earning merit we can have also participation in the project AKA be
> a PMC member.



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