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From Anil Ramnanan <>
Subject End of Summer of Code
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 12:51:45 GMT

Now that we have come to the end of the Summer of Code, I would like to 
thank my mentor, Ross Gardler as well as the entire community for 
helping me with this project. It has truly been a great learning 
experience and has not only allowed me to contribute code to the project 
but allowed me to learn how to become part of an Open Source community.

As for the future, I intend to keep contributing to the project. The 
Eclipse Plugin is further along than it was before I started but it is 
far from complete. I intent to continue development on it with your help 
and support.

In addition to enhancing the plugin as an extension of the Eclipse IDE, 
I also see the potential for the development of a GUI front end for 
Forrest. I have already put in the necessary framework to extend the 
Plugin to an Eclipse Rich Client Application which could be distributed 
as a standalone application.

Again thank you for your help and support. Although the Summer of Code 
is finished, I am not and I intend to continue contributing.

Anil Ramnanan

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