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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject ApacheCon US 2005 Documentathon (was Re: [FT] 2005-09-06 Summary)
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2005 08:03:46 GMT

Time to move this to it's own thread with a distracting title (or
we'll get too many people interested in trying that ale :-)

addi wrote:

> On Saturday September 10 2005 5:07 am, Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>> >> But I should warn you, so you're not shocked if you meet me, I'm
>> >> actually a she. :)
>> I think we are getting a little distracted from the real issues here:
>> DO you brew good beer of don't you? And will you bring some to SD?

> Yes, back to the point, I do brew good beer, assuming that you like good,
> hearty ales of the IPA, bitter, stout variety and/or european wheat ales (I'm
> not a big fan of American Wheats).

My only frame of reference really are German beers, but I'm curious

> since I don't think a
> pressurized keg of beer is likely to go over well with the airlines. :)

Yes, I was wondering about that. Given the current state of things you
might end up getting free accommodation for a long time ;-)

> You know, I find this very tempting.  I would love to really be able to
> contribute more to the project and a face-to-face sit down would
> really get a
> manual off to a good start.  

Yes and having people come there just for the purpose of doing that
would probably keep me from going kayaking instead :-)

> I don't think I can afford to actually go to the conference itself (airfare,
> hotel AND the conference is a bit steep for me) but I may be able to come out
> for a few days and do a "Social and Expo Pass" if they offer it.

Conference Fees:

Well, last ApacheCon the Hackathons were scheduled the days before the
conference so everybody could participate. And even though I'll
probably have to do my half day tutorial during that time, that would
still leave us quite some time to get things started.

If we found a free meeting place somewhere in SD we could even arrange
for some open-for-all meetings before or after the conference. In
Stuttgart the technical college was kind enough to host us, perhaps we
could find something in SD as well?

Who else is interested in joining this effort or attend a more general
meeting? Diwaker?


If it doesn't have to be a hotel, check out It's a free hospitality exchange and
works great for finding you a place to sleep for events like this. I
just checked, there are 112 hosts in SD at this time, so accommodation
should not become a major expense. In fact, I'll do that for the days
that my accommodation is not covered by the conference budget.

Ferdinand Soethe

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