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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: current forrest trunk seems to be broken
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 22:09:28 GMT
Changing the script did not help.  However, I did the
following and things work.

1. svn up (now at revision 290635)
2. cd $FORREST_HOME/main
3. ./ clean
4. ./
5. cd $FORREST_HOME/plugins
6. build pdf output plugin only
7. verify the default environment works:

cd ~mdeggers/src/sites-src
mkdir new-site
cd new-site
forrest seed

8. Build only those plugins required for views.


9. cd ~mdeggers/src/sites-src/views
10. forrest seed
11. make the appropriate views edits

add the views plugins to the required plugin list:


12. forrest

X [0] linkmap.html  BROKEN:

I guess there are some plugin interactions (especially
in the whiteboard area) that cause problems.  That's
probably why they are in the whiteboard area.

I promise before posting issues like this in the
future that I'll walk through all the paths I can
think of.

I apologize for cluttering up the mailing list.

In short:

1. The current trunk generic theming works as long as
you don't include every whiteboard plugin.

2. I couldn't get views to work with the current trunk
but that seems to be a known issue?


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