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From "HANAX" <>
Subject RE: Re: voice plugin
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:49:43 GMT
> HANAX wrote:
> >>>No problem. I will create the contract to put some meta informatio into 
> >>>head and commit it to the voice plugin. This will, hopefully serve as an

> >>>example for you. We can then guide you on porting your XSLT to that 
> >>>contract.
> >>
> >> 
> >>I've just created a skeleton contract for you [1]. All it does is place 
> >>a new meta element in head, look at the source of any page in the voice 
> >>plugin documentation and you'll see what I mean.
> >> 
> > 
> > 
> > Ok, I've got problem with SVN, I don't have latest versions... :( Now it's ok and
I see changes. But... I don't understand how forrest knows that it should use voice.fv :)

> In my site, I don't have this file and so that it does not contains added META element
neither changed title. Should I have also voice.fv in site dir? I'm confused - it seems 
> that my plugin and voice plugin are somehow unlinked... I can't explain good what I mean,
sorry, but it's probably I still don't understand well the "engine of plugins"... :) 
> You need to work with the latest version from SVN otherwise you will not 
> see the changes I am making.
> To see how it knows to use the voice.fv file look at the commit I have 
> linked to a number of times in this thread. You will see that the file 
> is added and a reference to it is made in
> >>The template can operate on any part of the document just as it could 
> >>before. To see how take a look at the "content-main" template that puts 
> >>the body of a page into place [2]
> >> 
> > 
> > 
> > Great, finally I understand basics now :) Seems that now I need to split my work
to 2 contracts:
> > 1. to generate VoiceXML into header
> > 2. to generate body section of mxml file
> :-)) correct (almost) - you are getting the hang of it.
> It's actually a little simpler, one cantract can add content to both 
> header and body. But we'll come to the body stuff later. Lets just focus 
> on the head stuff for now.

But I thought that might be better for me to add some vidual feedback while reading body.

If I understood, views works only for XHTML output. So if I request .mxml file views aren't
used? But maybe I'm wrong... When I request .mxml site, I got same results as I had without
views. So how to tell forrest that I want to use some view if I request .mxml file? I mean
now it renders whole content via xsl but I want to make contract which will render header
and body with "header stylesheet" and "body stylesheeet". I have vague idea how to make that
with contract, what I'm asking for now is way to connect .mxml and views.

> > Now it raises one question for me, how this differs from creating two stylesheets
(one fore header and secodn for body) and place them one after another? Maybe I miss some
esential thing about views :)
> Views allow contracts to be mised and matched as you need them. Whereas 
> the old skinning system only allows you to use a fixed set of 
> stylesheets. Contracts in views provide "nuggets" of information that 
> can be included in any page. In short views are much more configurable 
> than the old skinnning system.
> Remember that, at present, your voice pipelines do not show any visual 
> content? Well we could modify your stylesheets so that they can be used 
> alongside our existing skinning system. However, since skins are 
> probably going to be deprecated in 0.8 this would be a waste of effort.
> Besides, it's just easier in views ;-)

Ok, someday maybe I'll make sometihung more difficult and will see that :)

> >>Does this concrete example, and your earlier reading, help with 
> >>understanding what is going on?
> >> 
> > 
> > 
> > Yes, big thanx!
> Cool - thanks for your persistence.
> Ross

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