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From "HANAX" <>
Subject RE: Re: voice plugin
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 17:24:57 GMT
> HANAX wrote:
> >>On Wed, 2005-09-14 at 23:14 +0200, HANAX wrote:
> >>
> >>>Ok, now I have working "view" version of my site. Maybe it's time for me
to understand views by working with them. I want to add simple visual background (headings,
> >>
> >>virtual cursor...) for my voice version of site. So what is the core?
> >> 
> >>forrest/trunk/whiteboard/plugins/org.apache.forrest.plugin.internalview/
> >> 
> >> 
> >>...but everything you describe should be done via forrest:hooks and
> >>css-stylesheets. Maybe you need to write some custom contracts but
> >>normally you will not even have to do that (not for background, ...).
> >> 
> > 
> > 
> > OK it sounds simple but I'm totally lost in where to begin or what to do first :)
> HeHe - don't worry. We have christened Thorsten "Mr. Confusion". He has 
> such a deep understanding of what is going on he often forgets that the 
> rest of us struggle to keep up ;-)
> What you need to do is create new contract that adds stuff to the head 
> section of the page. An example of such a contract is at [1]. This 
> simply adds some info to the head section. This contract is used in the 
> view defined in voice.fv (i.e. the view for your plugin).

Sorry, but I lost at earlier point. I understand that these file are somehow important in
process, but I don't know the basics. I try to explain with my case:
1. I have my voice plugin with latest codes from SVN
2. I have my site, which I seeded when I started in Forrest.
3. When I "forrest run" it it shows now look and works OK

Now questions:
1. What are the primary changes that makes site look diferent? I don't mean files, i mean
what is the idea.
2. If there are views, where is the code that tells "use views to render site"?
3. If I write my own contract, where to place it? How it is involved in process? 

Generally, I miss informations about upper level ideas about structure of view, its components
and relations to other thing. I know that they are internal plugins but maybe that is the
problem, because now I still think in "output plugin way" and miss the keypoint diferences.
I still think there is a simple manual which explaint "what the heck views are" :) I've already
read mailinglist archive but still no idea, no light :) The main problem for me are examples,
please, give me some examples of simple sites there are rendered using views and points how
that views are used there... I'm sorry byt really I'm no so smart in way of understanding
new things without examples.

> I would recomend a first step is just to create your own version of this 
> plugin that adds a new meta tag saying that the voice plugin has been 
> there. Later we will use your stylesheets to create the real plugin.

Ok, this seems that I need to rewrite some simple files and change it to voice plugin or use
voice plugin there?
Sorry, I'am still lost... I have really big troubles to explain what can't I undertand :(

> I hope that helps to dispell some of the confusion, at the very least I 
> hope it gets you to a point where you can ask specific questions that we 
> can more clearly target, if not let me know and I'll actually do what I 
> am describing so you can see it.
> Ross
> [1] 

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