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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: What does "XHTML2 as an internal document format" mean?
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2005 01:36:27 GMT
Just a few quick notes, i will be away today ...

To implement XHTML2 will affect many parts of our
operation, all the way through to the output stages.

It would be ideal if we can develop that in parallel
so that existing work continues to function, balanced
with the need to get this implemented ASAP so that
we don't continue to make workarounds.

In some ways our existing sitemap pipelines need
to be rewritten. They have grown topsy turvy
over the years. Not the whole sitemap, just central
parts like the "skinit" and the map:aggregate stuff
which carries around unnecessary info like the
whole skinconf.

On the other hand, i am concerned that it is going
to be difficult to re-address some of the problems
that have been solved.

I am not discussing much about views here, basically
because it is ahead of my comprehension at the
moment, though i am improving. I know that XHTML2
will affect that. They are both to be part of the core
and should be invisible. We don't even need to give
"views" a name, because that is just how the machinery
will operate. So i do think that we need to take the
actual design of views into account. Thanks to the
others for their various visions.

I reckon that we do need to redevelop the main
internal parts, not because it is needed by xhmtl2
or views, but because there must be a simpler way
to build all that structure. Doing that new structurer
using xhtml2 seems ideal.

Using *.xhtml2 map:match patterns, will (i hope)
enable the internal xdoc stuff to continue. Although
perhaps we do need a switch in to
start with.

If we can leave views out of the initial implementation
then that would be good, i.e. one step at a time.

Perhaps the initial pipeline will just place the
menu and tab information at the bottom/top of the page.
Start with xhtml2 and html input plugins, an internal
plugin, some filter plugins to add menu and tab content
nuggets, then a raw html output plugin with a simple CSS.
Concentrate on enabling SourceTypeAction and Locationmap
stuff. Then add views to this, one piece at a time.

That is what i want to resolve in our IRC discussion,
what is the best way to approach this.


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