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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-655) Create sample document for XHTML2 subset
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2005 11:44:11 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> From: "David Crossley"
> | Added your patch "1.  xhtml2_subset.xml.diff (7 kb)".
> |
> | I also fixed a few xhtml validation errors. See 'svn log 
> xhtml2_subset.xml' or via
> Ok, thanks.
> See also : 
> re: 
> xml:id .

Well, both Jing and Xerces insist on using xml:id
when used with the WD-xhtml2-20050527 RNG grammars.

> | There are a couple of validation "errors" remaining. It seems that the 
> RELAX NG grammars are missing some things, so i sent mail to the WD editor. 
> Missing the "layout" atribute and missing the "full" attribute for abbr.
> Well yes there seems to be a few things missing .

Please send feedback to them, if you spot errors.

> So I can check the same as you, what technique are you using to validate ?

Yes, i said earlier this week. Easy to miss in the flurry.

In the new plugin, uncomment the validation transformer (2 occurrences).
around line 240 etc.

However, this is a preview of a facility that Pier is currently
adding to Cocoon-2.1 and when he finishes it we can add it to
Cocoon trunk and update our version in Forrest.

So you need to look at build/webapp/WEB-INF/logs/error.log
to see the relevant line number for the error in the source file.

I am actually using a version of Cocoon-2.1 rather than Forrest
and added a little pipeline to the Validation block sample.

If you have another RELAX NG validator handy, then see


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